Recent LS polls most `unfair’, BJP `world’s most corrupt party’: TMC

The Trinamul Congress termed the recent Lok Sabha as the most “unfair” and “unconstitutional” in the country’s history and said the BJP is the world’s most corrupt party. TMC  National spokesperson Derek O Brian said the issue of electoral reforms raised by it in Parliament is most significant.

“Electoral reforms is a very important issue for us as we are battling the world’s most corrupt party… This was the most unfair election in the history of Indian democracy. It was unfair, unconstitutional and unjust. It was run by an unfair and unjust EC,”  he added.

The TMC leader said that his party along with other Opposition parties have demanded sweeping electoral reforms, which included a collegium for appointing the election commissioner and reintroduction of paper ballot.

“Now, the Parliament must step in and decide if they want to amend the law, bring in a legistlation, they have to do something, otherwise they will sell the country. The BJP itself is corrupt, it buys elections and also buys MPs…,” he claimed.

He questioned as to how the BJP got richer by 81 per cent within a year of demonetisation and alleged that it was the “most capitalist party in the world”.

“95 percent of the total electoral bonds funding went to the BJP. The party has a hosepipe election strategy. What is in the hosepipe? Free flow of money. Challenge the BJP to negate these facts,” he said adding the BJP, he claimed, got Rs 342 crores from “unknown sources”.

“We are proud of our rags. We got only Rs10 lakh from ‘unknown sources’,” he added.

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