Karnataka Speaker says not acting in haste on resignation

Indicating that it will take some time to examine Congress-JDS MLAs resignation, Karnataka Assembly speaker K R Ramesh Kumar today asserted that he will not act in haste. “I am answerable to the people of Karnataka”, he said after meeting the rebel MLAs, following directives of the Supreme Court.

He made it clear that he needs to examine the resignations of the rebel MLAs all night and ascertain if they are genuine before taking a decision. Earlier, in the day the Supreme Court had asked the Speaker to take a decision on the resignations before midnight.

Ramesh Kumar further said that the Governor had informed him about the resignations on July 6. “On July 6, I was in my chamber till 1.30 pm and then I left for personal work. Before that no MLAs informed that they were coming to meet me. The MLAs came there at 2 pm, they didn’t even take prior appointment. So, it’s untrue that I ran away because they were coming,” the Speaker said.

On Tueday, Kumar said, he scrutinized resignations based on Rule 202, Karnataka Assembly Rules & Procedures. He said he found eight letters weren’t in prescribed format. “In case of the rest, I’m obliged to look if resignations are voluntary and genuine.”

Justifying the delay in taking a decision, Ramesh Kumar said, “the MLAs did not communicate to me and rushed to the Governor. What can he do? Is it not misuse? They approached the SC. My obligation is to people of this state & Constitution of the country. I am delaying because I love this land. I am not acting in haste.”

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