Ageing Japan needs more workforce in IT, Manufacturing and Health Care. Great opportunities for Indian Engineers to start their careers in Japan – Sakuraa India Foundation

Bengaluru Jul 13: Sakuraa India Foundation, bengaluru along with Jayanagar Shaikshanika Samithi today organized Japanese Cultural Fest and the 4th Graduation Ceremony of the Japanese Language students who after their Engineering will be taking up jobs in Japan.

The programme was attended by

  • Shri Tejasvi Surya, MP, Bengaluru South
  • Shri Kazumasa Kuboki, Ex. Director General, JETRO (Japan Trade Organization)
  • Prof. Prabhakar H S, Former Professor In Japanese Studies (School of International Studies, Delhi)
  • Shri N. Sanjeev Kumar, Special Officer (Skills), VTU
  • Shri Bengaluru Sreedhara, Founder and Managing Trustee, Sakuraa India Foundation

The programme was conducted to felicitate the outgoing students of the intensive 600 hours of N3 training in the Japanese language taken by fresh engineering graduates who have been placed in Japan.

While addressing the outgoing students MP Tejasvi Surya said “You have mastered a language which is quite different, difficult and from a very far land. It just shows that when you put your heart, any language becomes ours”. He quoted Swami Vivekananda as “There needs to be a natural friendship between Japan and India. Young Indian must travel far away especially to Japan to become technological leaders of tomorrow”.

Tejasvi Surya advised the students that “While being in Japan we should take care of our language and culture and spread them to the Japanese. You are the brand ambassadors of India and you should assimilate their culture and literature. So while you have a great opportunity not just to make good careers of the jobs that you take, but also learn their culture, literature, history and the exchanges between India and oriental culture which dates back to centuries”.

Speaking in the Event Shri Kuboki said “Nowadays many Japanese companies are looking at India as a big market. Lots of companies are coming to manufacture in India following Modiji’s campaign. Bangalore has become the second city having Japanese population to NCR Delhi. Nowadays Japanese are inviting Indians to Japan to work as Japan now has become an aging society and they need a big workforce to work in Japan. There has been a huge demand in the areas of IT Industry, Manufacturing and Elderly Health care”

The surprise of the event was that Shri Kuboki sang Dr. Rajkumar’s hit song “Huttidare Kannada nadalli huttabeku”.

The Event was organized by Sakuraa India Foundation which aims to promote working in Japan. They support Japanese organizations to identify the right students who can work in Japan and skill them in Japanese Language training before they take up jobs in Japan. The event was organized as part of the Graduation Ceremony of their 4th batch and Inauguration Ceremony of their Fifth Batch.

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