Amid Karnataka, Goa turmoil, BJP says Rajasthan govt could fall

The BJP is now seems to be to expand prevailing political turmoil waves of Karnataka and Goa towards Rajasthan, so that to destabilise Congress government. The BJP leaders in the state claimed that the Congress government in the state was on the edge.

BJP MLA Vasudev Devnani said that after the resignation of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Congress MLAs were feeling apprehensive. He also said that Gehlot was feeling insecure and so he was making statements that the people across the state wanted him to be the Chief Minister.

“If the people from each village and hamlet wanted Gehlot to be CM, then why would he lose from his own booth?” asked Devnani. Earlier, Gehlot had said that he deserved to be CM as after the Assembly elections; people had wanted only him and no one else to be Chief Minister.

BJP MLA Ashok Lahoti said the budget presented by Gehlot on July 10 would be his last. “Gehlot is dashing off to Delhi every few days. Things are not right in the party. There will be political instability in Rajasthan in two months,” he added.

Adding to speculations of government falling in the state, BJP MLA Kalicharan Saraf predicted mid-term polls in Rajasthan. “The infighting between Gehlot and Pilot has endangered the government and it can fall anytime,” he said.

Hitting back at the BJP, Minister BD Kalla said there was no danger to the Rajasthan government and the party was united. “The BJP talks of morality but on the other hand it is trying to pull down democratically elected governments,” he said.

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