Unmarried Thakor girls prohibited from using mobiles

Thakor community of Banaskantha’s Dantiwada in Gujarat, has come up with a new rule which prohibits unmarried girls from keeping mobile phones.  The community held a meeting on Sunday in Jalol village where some decisions were taken which the village people termed their “constitution.”

According to new rules, unmarried girls will not be given mobile phones and if any girl violates society’s norms, it would be considered as a crime. As a punishment, Rs 1.50 lakh will be collected from the girl’s father.

“Iit was decided extra expenses in marriages like arrangement of DJ and firecrackers should be stopped. We can save money from this. We have not implemented what we had discussed on mobile and punishment. After ten days, a meeting will be called to discuss not giving mobile
phones to unmarried girls,” said Jayantibhai Thakor, Zila Panchayat member.

Besides this, if any girl gets married without the consent of her family, it would amount to a crime, the villagers decided. “Some rules about reducing expenses in marriages are good. But there is an issue in the rule that does not allow teenage girls to keep mobile phones. If they had made a rule about boys then it would be good. I can’t say anything about the rule on love marriages since my marriage was also a love marriage,” Thakor community leader and former Congress MLA Alpesh Thakor  said.

Provisions of the “constitution” will be applicable in Kotda, Gaguda, Odwa, Hariyawada, Marpuria, Shergarh, Talepura, Randol, Ratanpur, Danari and Velavas villages.

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