‘Dosa King’ Saravana Bhavan Rajagopal no more

P Rajagopal, owner of Saravana Bhavan chain of restaurants died, today, from cardiac arrest in Chennai.He had surrendered to a court in Chennai on Tuesday with his oxygen mask on after the court refused to extend his time to surrender on medical grounds.

The Supreme Court (SC) turned down his plea of extension on Monday saying that if he was so ill, how he did not mention of his illness even for once during the hearings.

Rajgopal was convicted in 2004, in the kidnapping and murder of his employee, Santhakumar. Initially, Rajgopal and eight others were sentenced for 10 years by a local court.

Later in 2009, Madras High Court upheld the verdict for Rajgopal sentencing him to life in prison. It was further upheld by the SC in March this year.

The case dates back to the 1990s when Rajagopal, on the advice of an astrologer wanted to marry Jeevajyothi who was in her 20’s. She refused to accept the proposal as Rajgopal already had 2 wives. In 1999, Jeevajyothi married Santhakumar.

Rajagopal would threaten the couple and forced them to call off their marriage.The couple had registered a complaint with the police days after which Santhakumar’s body was found in Kodaikanal forest. He was kidnapped and killed by Rajagopal’s men.

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