Govt likely to extend Parliament session till Aug 2

Amid reports of the current Parliament session being the most productive in the past 20 years, there is a likelihood that it could be extended by at least three days. The session, which is the first of the newly-convened 17 Lok Sabha, is scheduled to end on July 26.

Though it is not officially confirmed, sources said that the government seems to be toying with the idea of extending the session, an indication of which was also apparently given by the prime minister during the BJP’s parliamentary party meeting held recently.

“The government is considering extending the parliamentary session till August 2 and BJP leaders are also in touch with Opposition leaders to take them on board,” the sources said.

The ongoing session of the 17th Lok Sabha has been the most productive in the last 20 years, with the Lower House registering 128 per cent productivity till Tuesday, according to think tank PRS Legislative Research.

The Lok Sabha has been working for more than it’s scheduled time and has sat till midnight on two occasions to complete its legislative business. Similarly, the productivity of Rajya Sabha, where the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led dispensation lacks majority, unlike Lok Sabha, is also relatively high.

The productivity of the upper house was 98 per cent till Tuesday, according to the non-profit organisation. Productivity means the number of hours the House actually functioned compared to the the number of hours officially earmarked for it to work.

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