In detention, Priyanka meets families of Sonbhadra firing victims

Priyanka Gandhi today met with Sonbhadra victim’s families after having protested for almost a day.  “I waited the entire day yesterday to meet Priyanka Gandhi. When I came to know that she had been waiting for us at the Chunar fort since yesterday, I travelled all the way from my village (Umbha) to meet her. I’m glad that she waited for us,” said Sukhwati, family member of one of the victims of the Sonbhadra firing incident.

People from Umbha village have arrive at the Chunar fort where Priyanka Gandhi is holding a sit-in protest as she was stopped and detained while she was on her way to meet the Sonbhadra firing victims’ kin. “I had come to visit them, and now they are here to see me, but they are not being allowed to meet me, I do not understand why the administration is not letting them meet me,” said Priyanka Gandhi.

She said that two relatives of the Sonbhadra firing victims have come to meet her, while 15 others are still waiting outside and are not being let inside to meet me and neither am I being allowed to meet them. “God knows why what is their (administration’s) mentality”, she said as she requested the media to create some pressure on the administration so that they let the families meet her.

Priyanka Gandhi asked as to why no representative of the ruling Uttar Pradesh government have not yet visited Sonbhadra’s Umbha village to meet the families of the firing victims. She accused that Yogi Adityanath government is silencing the voice of members of Sonbhadre victims.

“Not even a single BJP BLA, MP or chief minister Yogi Adityanath has visited the families of the victims to know about their condition. I am here to express my solidarity with the people of Umbha village. The Congress will do whatever it takes to stand with the affected people,” she added.

Meanwhile, TMC delegation headed by Derek O’Brien that was going to join Priyanka Gandhi at the Chunar fort, were stopped at the Varansi airport earlier today. Derek O’Brien released a video on Twitter saying, “we just landed at Varanasi airport, with my colleagues Sunil Mondal and Abir Ranjan Biswas. Now the ADM and SP are here. They have told us that we have been detained… It cannot be under Section 144 as we are only three people here.”

“We wish to proceed to BHU Trauma Centre to meet the injured and then we wish to go to the spot in Sonebhadra. They are saying we have been detained, but under which section?” he said.

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