Rebels back-stabbing me, not BJP: Shivakumar

Congress `trouble shooter’ and minister D K Shivakumar strongly attacking rebel MLAs in Karnataka Vidhana Soudha said that it’s not BJP leaders who have back-stabbed him. “It’s the rebels in Mumbai who have back-stabbed me. But, do not worry, they will do the same to all of you. They cannot become Ministers I’m telling you,” he added.

He also added that, “BJP leaders are being misguided. I went to Mumbai to speak to them (rebel MLAs). I spoke to one of the MLAs there and he asked me to come and take him away.”

Shivakumar continued saying, “Yes I was the reason MTB Nagaraj got a ticket. We spoke to him and he gave a statement as well. Couldn’t we have locked them up? No, because we have trust in them. Bring them here, let them vote against this government.”

Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court took note of the submissions of Karnataka Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar that the voting on the trust motion moved by Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy is likely to be concluded by this evening.

Former chief minister Siddaramaiah calls the defection of MLAs in the present scenario “wholesale trade”. He asks the BJP why don’t you admit to engineering defections? A cat thinks the entire world is closing its eyes when it closes its eyes and drinks milk. The entire state knows BJP is doing this.

“How can a government survive if theres a wholesale trade of MLAs? BJP needs at least 8 more to reach the magic figure of 113. So they have taken 15 MLAs.” I don’t think people of Karnataka will accept this undemocratic and unconstitutional way of doing it., he says.

BJP should understand that this will boomerang on them. It’s very rare for a government based on defections to survive. “Mr. Yeddyurappa, it is very difficult for you to run this government with so many defectors. What happened in 2008? The defectors and your partymen said they had no trust in you. Did they allow you to be the CM for five years? The same independents and defectors who joined you through operation Kamala rebelled against you, Mr. Siddaramaiah tells Mr. Yeddyurappa.

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