Anti-terror bill has provision to declare an individual a ‘terrorist’

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today slammed the Opposition for their dissent over the anti-terror bill which was passed in majority in Lok Sabha — 284 votes to eight. The bill will designate any person who is suspected to have terror links as a “terrorist”. 

Amit Shah said: “There’s a need for a provision to declare an individual as a terrorist. The UN has a procedure for it, the US has it, even Pakistan has it, China, Israel, European Union… Everyone has done it.”

Shah pointed out if a terror organisation was banned, a terrorist could easily set up another. The Opposition alleged that the bill could be misused, stating that the government terms anyone who questions the government as anti-national.

Trinamool Congress’ first-time MP Mhua Moitra argued: “If the Centre wants to target someone, they will use some law. Those who disagree — rights activists, social workers, Opposition parties —  with the broader idea of India that the government wants to implement will be labelled as anti-national.”

However, Shah asserted that the BJP will never misuse the bill’s provisions. Shah said: “There are social activists who are doing good work. But we will smash the urban Maoists.”

He told the Congress: “When you (opposition) question us you don’t see who brought the law and amendments, who made it stringent. It was brought when you were in power, what you did then was right and what I’m doing now is also right.” Shah said it didn’t matter which party was in power, but a government fights terrorism irrespective.

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