Karnataka to head for President’s rule

After forcing exit of HD Kumaraswamy from the chief minister’s office, though state BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa is impatient to sworn in as chief minister being the last opportunity for him, the BJP leadership seems to be hesitating. It is fearing that any hasty decision may land them trouble of defection that rocked coalition government.

According to BJP sources all 15 rebel MLAs are demanding cabinet berths. Moreover, there are 56 senior BJP leaders competition for cabinet positions. But a chief minister can offer cabinet berths only to 33 MLAs only. This embarrassing situation may force the BJP central leadership to opt for president’s rule, atleast for short time, till there is more clarity about the numbers.

Yeddyurappa said “I’m awaiting instructions from Delhi. I can call legislature party meeting any time and go to Raj Bhavan,” the 76-year-old told reporters yesterday after meeting leaders of the RSS, the ideological fount of the BJP.

The BJP is conscious that it is not seen to be hankering for power. It also wants to play safe and not end up in a position where a hurriedly-formed government is not able to survive the change in the numbers that might follow over the next few weeks.

There is a strong view, a BJP leader said, that the party should wait for the outcome of the case before the Supreme Court and their resignation letters before Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar.

One of the possibilities that the BJP wants to avoid is a situation where the Congress and the Janata Dal (S) able to convince some of the 15 rebel lawmakers to withdraw their resignation.

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