Soldiers achieved impossible task in Kargil war

Paying glowing tributes to Kargil war hero’s, former union home secretary K Padmanabhaiah said that our soldiers had achieved impossible task by recapturing Kargil heights from Pakistan army, in 1999.He was speaking as chief guest at a seminar on “Remembering Kargil – The Need for Vigil”, organized by Hyderabad-based think tank Social Cause, to mark the 20th anniversary of Kargil war, at Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad.

Admitting that there was intelligence failure to sense Pakistan’s evil designs, he said had Indian army failed to recapture those heights that would be most shameful event in the history of India.He recalled that when our Prime Minister Vajapayee went Lahore by bus and signed on Lahore accord seeking peaceful resolution of issues between two countries, Pakistan army had mischievously prepared for this war with an evil attempt to capture strategic parts of Indian land.

He said that Kargil is our life line. Had the Pakistan succeeded in keeping those heights with them, that would cut off the entire Ladak region from Kashmir valley. “We should be proud with the heroism demonstrated by our soldiers in Kargil war, which was responsible for India’s win, he added.Narrating the difficult terrain of Kargil, he said that it was very cold area goes upto -40 c and on the heights upto 17,000 meters, over a length of 130 meters.He also said that the then Pakistan army chief Musharaf had designed the war with out consulting the political leadership or even other services of the army.

Let. Gen K Ramachandra Rao said that despite repeated defeat in the hands of Indian army, Pakistan army failing to learn reality that India is a large and mighty nation, which cannot be won in a conventional war.The also said that the Kargil war had demonstrated that Pakistan army leadership is very weak and Indian soldiers are best in the world with regard to brevity, loyalty, patriotism or sincerity.

He deplored that the intelligence failure which was exposed during Kargil war didn’t streamlined even today. Though there are numerous intelligence agencies, he said that there is no information sharing among those agencies, which was one of the reasons that it took weeks to identify Pakistan army’s infiltration into Kargil.

The real problem with Pakistan is that army dominates its governance and political leadership is puppet in the hands of the army leadership, he said. He asserted that Indian army is equipped to face any threat from external enemy.

Col. Ajay Reddy, who had participated in Kargil war said that India had mobilized over 1.5 lakh army personnel during Kargil war and six massive divisions were inducted into the battle filed. Col. Bijoy Mukharjee said that during the war they were moved towards the battle field without having information on actual designs and presence of Pakistan army.

Air Vice Marshal Poduri Seshagiri Rao and Havaldar S Adi Shankara Narayana Rao also spoke .Smt M R Divya, Smt Sharada and Smt P Anuradha, who lost their husbands in the war, were also present. On this occasion, a book on Kargil war in Telugu “Kargil war- a success, a lesson” written by journalist Ch Narendra was released.

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