Will Never Forgive Azam Khan, says Rama Devi

BJP MP and Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Rama Devi has said that she will never forgive Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan, who made sexist remarks against her in the lower House on Thursday. Khan has been reportedly asked to tender apology for his remarks  against the BJP MP or else face suspension from the House.

Devi said today that the SP leader was asked to apologise by her, the Speaker and by several MPs but he chose to walk out of the House. “His gesture indicates that he is not sorry and his heart is filled with ego. He would have apologised then and there, if he was truthful,” she added.

Furthermore, Devi said that  she has the power to face a person like him. “The chair on which I sat belongs to all. Not just me. He has used such language for all the women in the country. The people of my parliamentary constituency have reposed faith in me and elected me. I have the power to face a man like you [Khan],” she said.

Rama Devi also slammed SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, who had backed Azam Khan, saying,”There was no intention to malign the Chair.” “Not only us, but he also said this to the whole country… His language shows his ego and arrogance. He should not say such things, he was a chief minister earlier. He said all this to protect Azam Khan. Nobody will appreciate this… Lok Sabha is a respected place. A person goes there after being voted by people,” said the BJP leader.

During the debate on the Triple Talaq Bill in the Lower House on Thursday, Rama Devi had asked Azam Khan to speak while looking at the Chair and address the House through the presiding officer. Azam Khan, however, made remarks that were perceived to be sexist by the treasury benches, triggering strong objections. The Rampur MP, in his defence, had said Rama Devi was like a sister to him.

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