Fadnavis campaign focus on 5 yrs of BJP vs 15 of Cong-NCP

Keeping in view of forthcoming assembly elections within next three months, Maharasthra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has launched a massive campaign ‘Mahajanadesh Yatra’from Mozari in Vidarbha’s Amaravati district, yesterday, to reach the public on the performance of his five-year-old government.

He is scheduled to address several rallies through August. His campaign seems to be focusing to compare the 15 year of the Congress-NCP regime versus his five-year-rule in the state. It also hinted at the transformation of Vidarbha, a BJP bastion, since it took over the state.

He asserted that what the previous government could not do in 15 years, they have done in five.  “I am giving an open challenge (to the Opposition). Come on any dais and have a debate with us about what you did and what we have done. If we have not performed doubly better than you, we won’t even go out to seek janadesh (people’s blessings),” he added.

Fadnavis then listed comparative figures in the field of irrigation, education, clean toilets, industries, agriculture and so on. In 15 years, they could irrigate 4,000 hectares. From 2014 to 2018, we could water 50,000 hectares. This government has constantly been with the farmers, be it for loan waiver, drought relief, insurance and other schemes.

In five years, he said, the Maharashtra government has given Rs 50,000 crore to them. In 15 years of the previous government, it could not even give Rs 20,000 crore.  He also brandished other figures to show how Maharashtra has scaled up from 18th to the third rank in providing education and is also leading in industrial and foreign direct investments.

As part of the ‘Mahajanadesh Yatra,’ the CM will spend most of August travelling 4,384 km across 32 districts of Maharashtra, covering 150 of the 288 assembly segments in the state, addressing 85 major rallies and 75 smaller ones to meet people from 238 villages.

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