Modi govt lying about terrorism threat in J&K: Digvijaya Singh

Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh accused that the Modi government is lying with regard to terrorism threat in Jammu and Kashmir and said the Centre is planning to take some big action.

“They want Kashmir, not Kashmiris. Why is this happening? This does not happen during the Congress rule. They have poisoned youth’s mind with communalism… I don’t believe this government. Every day, there are terrorist incidents. Does anything big happen due to which they stopped the Amarnath yatra,” he added.

“More 20,000 force have been sent there. This seems to be an indication of some big action. BJP should think before doing anything in Kashmir valley because it is very sensitive. They are in a mood to take some big action. They are lying that there is some terrorist threat,” he said.

Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the passage of triple talaq bill, the Congress leader said he is not doing to generate employment. “They only care about triple talaq, not employment. There are only 450 women affected out of 130 crore people. Husbands have left 20 lakh Hindu wives,” he added.

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