PMO seeks reports on flagship projects every 100 days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now focusing on implementation of his government’s flagship schemes on the fast track. All the ministries were asked to submit regular reports of the projects to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Sources said that along with continuous monitoring of projects, the government will present the report cards of the major schemes every 100 days.

Unlike the first tenure in which generally report cards of the ministries were presented after completing a year, now, the government will do this exercise every hundred days. New targets of the schemes will be fixed accordingly and updated reports of the schemes will be presented at regular intervals.

Sources said that the government is focused on timely completion of projects and secretaries of ministries have been asked to submit reports. They have been asked to prepare details keeping in mind the what, when and where of flagship schemes It means that the reports will have details like the scope and target of projects, its stages of completion and the area of impact.

Apart from this, government has asked the ministries to give details of those projects which are going to be completed in next few months. Moreover, senior officials have been instructed to give details of the budget requirement and from where funds will be arranged while submitting any new project. Apart from this, the focus would also be on the job creation and ministries have to inform that how much jobs could be created following implementation of a particular scheme.

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