Amit Shah launches ‘Listening, Learning and Leading’ book on Naidu

Union Minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah launched the book ‘Listening, Learning and Leading’ in Chennai today. This book is based on Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu’s two years in office. The book captures glimpses of the Vice President’s 330 public engagements across the country during this period.

Talking about the book and his experiences from Life, Naidu said that this book gives a glimpse of his life after assuming the office of the Vice President of India. He said, “I have retired from politics, but not tired of public life. Learn, Learn and Learn, then Earn. Even after you start earning, do not stop learning.” One must have conviction and commitment to what one does, connection with grassroots, patience to be successful in life and a zeal to bring a change in other peoples’ lives, he said.

Naidu complimented the leadership and conviction of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi led government for the repealing of the Article 370. “It was the need of the Hour and was due for long”, he said while reading out a news article from 1964, quoting a demand from MPs in Parliament for the same. Shri Naidu also laid forth his views on reform measures in various fields that are required to bring effective governance in the country.

Addressing the event, Amit Shah said, “I have come here not as a Minister, not as an MP, not as a party president. I have come here as a student of politics, in honor of the personification of an ideal politician and leader, that is Shri Venkaiah Naidu.

The book, ‘Listening, Learning and Leading’, is nothing but the story of his life and is an ideal for the youth of the country to follow. This has been exemplified in his conduct throughout his life, from a son of a farmer to the Vice President of India and Chairman of the Upper House of the Parliament. It is his dedication and untiring service for the Nation that has helped him to become a role model for the whole country, Shri Shah said.

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