AK Antony differs on pushing Sonia to head the party

While the Congress Working Committee (CWC) elected Sonia Gandhi as interim president of the party after several hours of inconclusive discussion on deciding its new chief, party veteran and former Defence Minister AK Antony was not completely on board with the decision.

Antony argued that Sonia Gandhi, who was party chief for 19 years and currently the chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), pushing her to take the job was not a good idea and that she should be spared the pressures of such job.

According to reports, Sonia was also not eager to take up the job and agreed with Antony but other members of the CWC persuaded that it was the best decision for the time being. Members of CWC opposed the reservations of Antony and questioned the basis.

Party leaders said that all the five sub-groups, formed region-wise to choose the new Congress President, had pitched Rahul Gandhi’s name for the post, but as the outgoing President refused to take the charge. The CWC members then recommended Sonia Gandhi’s name as the interim party chief.

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