J&K schools to reopen from Monday

The Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir BVR Subrahmanyam today, said there were credible inputs that organisations involved in cross-border terrorism were planning to undertake strikes in the region in the immediate future to create fear, and block development.


“Steps consequently were taken including restrictions on free movement and telecom connectivity, prevention of large gathering, closure of schools and colleges,” he said.


Subrahmanyam said that the schools will be opened after the weekend area-wise and the government offices will be fully functional on Friday. He also gave clarification on the preventive detention of political leaders.


“A few preventive detentions of individuals were also made in accordance with provisions of law to maintain law and order. Preventive detentions are being reviewed and appropriate decisions will be made based on law and order assessments,” he said. 


Chief Secretary added that movement of public transport to be made operational and Government offices are functional from today. Telecom connectivity will be gradually eased and restored in a phased manner. According to Chief Secretary, 2 out of 22 districts are functioning normally with some limited restrictions in 5 districts. The measures put in place have ensured that there has not been a single loss of life.


The govt’s focus is on the earliest return to normalcy while ensuring that terrorist forces are given no opportunity to wreak havoc as in the past, said the J&K Chief Secretary.

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