Chandrababu served notice to vacate riverfront house

Telugu Desam Party president and former AP chief minister N Chadnrababu Naidu was served a notice by the state government today to vacate his rented residence on the banks of the Krishna river in Amaravati’s Undavalli. The notices were sent in the wake of alarming rise in the levels of the river due to huge inflows from upstream.

The inflows into Krishna river at Prakasam barrage connecting Vijayawada and Guntur – which were around 5.6 lakh cusecs on Friday – increased to 7.66 lakh cusecs by Saturday morning, inundating several houses constructed on the riverfront.

In the Naidu residence, water which inundated the steps on the peripheries a couple of days ago, entered the outhouse located in the backyard. Naidu and his family members had already moved to Hyderabad and the caretakers of his house have shifted all his belongings from the ground floor to the first floor.

The revenue authorities served notices to Naidu and 32 others to vacate their houses immediately as the floods in Krishna river were threatening to inundate houses along its banks

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