India asserts ending Article 370 entirely internal matter

India has asserted again that the revoking of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status was “entirely an internal matter” with “no external ramifications” and firmly told Pakistan that it has to stop terrorism to start talks, as the UN Security Council held a rare closed door meeting on the Kashmir issue.

Briefing the media following the conclusion of the informal meeting requested by China and Pakistan, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Syed Akbaruddin said India’s position was and remains that matters related to the Article 370 of the Constitution are entirely an internal matter of India and these have no external ramifications.

Without naming Pakistan, he said there are some who are trying to project an “alarmist approach” to the situation in Kashmir, which is far from the ground realities. “Stop terror to start talks,” he asserted. Akbaruddin asserted that there are normal diplomatic ways when countries deal with each other.

“That is the way to do it. But using terror to thrive and push your goals is not the way that normal states behave. No democracy will acknowledge or accept talks when terror thrives. Stop terror, start talks.”  He said that India’s national position was and remains that matters related to Article 370 of the Indian Constitution are “entirely an internal matter of India. These have no external ramifications.

“We are gratified that the Security Council in its closed consultations appreciated these efforts, acknowledged them,” he said referring to the UNSC meeting that lasted over an hour. Diplomatic sources said the meeting ended with no outcome.

On the Chinese and Pakistani envoys’ remarks after the UNSC meeting, he said, “I’m a much more conventional diplomat. I do my job rather than add to the fire and fury of heightening tensions. For the first time after the end of Security Council consultations, we noted that two states who made national statements tried to pass them off as the will of the international community. National statements (trying) to masquerade as will of the international community.”

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