Tejasvi Surya Aims to solve bengaluru’s traffic problem

Bengaluru Aug 17: Tejasvi Surya, the Young Member of Parliament from Bengaluru South Loksabha Constituency had a discussion with Professors of Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru to find a solution to handle the ever-growing traffic problem that Bengaluru is facing.

Meeting Prof. Verma and Prof. Abdul Pinjari from the centre of Sustainability and Urban Planning at IISC, he had discussions on ways to mitigate worsening traffic condition in Bengaluru. He has also given a call to experts, independent researchers and the startup community to join him in this mission with their inputs and suggestions.  In his tweet, he mentioned “Traffic menace cannot be killed with a single bullet. There’s a need for our urban policy planners to have a long term vision based on well-researched data and for the traffic police to integrate modern technological solutions into current management processes “

The plan of action is to build Traffic Flow Models, adaptive traffic signals based on Travel Demand Estimates & use of AI & Machine Learning to predict congestion and possible mitigation.

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