Afghanistan flays Pak for linking Kashmir with peace process

Afghanistan has hit out at Pakistan after the latter linked the current situation in Kashmir with the ongoing peace efforts in Afghanistan, with Afghan ambassador to the US Roya Rahmani calling it “reckless, unwarranted and irresponsible”.

“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan strongly questions the assertion made by Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan, that the ongoing tensions in Kashmir could potentially affect Afghanistan’s peace process,” Rahmani said.

Asserting that Kashmir is “a bilateral issue” between India and Pakistan, Rahmani said her country believes Pakistan’s motive and insistence to purposely tie Afghanistan to the Kashmir issue is a deliberate attempt to prolong the violence happening on Afghan soil.

“Any such statements that link the evolving situation in Kashmir to the Afghan peace efforts are reckless, unwarranted and irresponsible,” the top Afghan diplomat said in an unusual lengthy statement here. “It is a poor excuse used by Pakistan to justify its inaction against the Taliban and to avoid taking a decisive stance against the militant group,” she asserted.

Rahmani said the assertion by the Pakistani Ambassador that the Kashmir issue could compel Pakistan to reposition its troops from its western frontier with Afghanistan to its eastern border with India is “a misleading statement which inaccurately suggests that Afghanistan poses a threat” to Pakistan.

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