BJP turned dream of Uttam Pradesh into hatya pradesh: Akhilesh

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav today accused the Uttar Pradesh government of misusing police for implicating people in false cases and killing them in staged gun fights.

The SP chief made the allegation while addressing a public meeting here on the occasion of the inauguration of a building of the local A K College. He also accused the government of removing Value Added Tax (VAT) from diesel and petrol before the elections to get votes, but reimposing the same after the elections.

“Today, there is a big fight. The injustice has broken all boundaries. Innocent people are getting killed in encounters. The police is framing people in false cases,” said Yadav. “We had dreamt of making Uttar Pradesh an Uttam Pradesh, but the BJP has turned it into a hatya pradesh,” he added.

He also said the BJP was trying to strip people of their constitutional rights. “Everything is being privatised and the jobs are being outsourced. The BJP people are very sharp-minded. They are ahead (of others) in misleading people,” said Yadav.

“To get votes during elections, they had removed VAT from diesel and petrol, but after elections were over, the VAT was imposed again,” Yadav said. The BJP government has virtually destroyed the country, he said.

“The government decisions indicate the country is in a grip of recession. The companies are getting closed, and job losses are being reported from every sector. Most of the sectors, be it textile or automobile, are going downward,” he said.

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