Karnataka tops in Geographical Indications with 46 Registrations

Bangalore Aug 23:  With the last entry of Gulbarga Tur Dal, Karnataka now boasts owning 46 GI (Geographical Indication) Tags, the highest in the country. In India a total of 354 GIs have been registered and Karnataka tops the list followed by Tamil Nadu (34), Maharashtra (33), Kerala (32) and Uttar Pradesh (27)

The Advantage of GI Registration will help the product to enhance its demand and marketability. GIs carry a special value in the International market and hence these products will now find better opportunities for exports

Out of Karnataka’s 46 products 22 belong in the Agriculture segment, 20 in Handicrafts, 3 in Manufacturing and 1 in Food Stuff. The complete list is as below

No Geographical Indications Sector
1. Mysore Silk Handicraft
2. Mysore Agarbathi Manufacture
3. Bidriware Handicraft
4. Channapatna Toys & Dolls Handicraft
5. Mysore Rosewood Inlay Handicraft
6. Mysore Sandalwood Oil Manufacture
7. Mysore Sandal soap Manufacture
8. Kasuti Embroidery Handicraft
9.. Mysore Traditional Paintings Handicraft
10.. Coorg Orange Agricultural
11. Mysore Betel leaf Agricultural
12. Nanjanagud Banana Agricultural
13. Mysore Jasmine Agricultural
14. Udupi Jasmine Agricultural
15. Hadagali Jasmine Agricultural
16. Ilkal Sarees Handicraft
17 Ganjifa cards of Mysore Handicraft
18. Navalgund Durries Handicraft
19. Karnataka Bronze Ware Handicraft
20. Molakalmuru Sarees Handicraft
21. Monsooned Malabar Arabica Coffee Agricultural
22. Monsooned Malabar Robusta Coffee Agricultural
23. Coorg Green Cardamom Agricultural
24. Dharwad Pedha Foodstuff
25. Devanahalli Pomello Agricultural
26. Appemidi Mango Agricultural
27. Kamalapur Red Banana Agricultural
28. Sandur Lambani Embroidery Handicraft
29. Byadagi Chilli Agricultural
30. Udupi Mattu Gulla Brinjal Agricultural
31. Kinhal Toys Handicraft
32. Bangalore Blue Grapes Agricultural
33. Bangalore Rose Onion Agricultural
34. Karnataka Bronzeware (Logo) Handicrafts
35. Ganjifa Cards of Mysore (Logo) Handicrafts
36. Navalgund Durries (Logo) Handicrafts
37. Guledgudd Khana Handicrafts
38. Udupi Sarees Handicrafts
39. Mysore Silk (Logo) Handicrafts
40. Malabar Pepper Agriculture
41. Kolhapuri Chappal Handicraft
42. Sirsi Supari Agriculture
43. Chikmagalur Arabica Coffee Agriculture
44. Baba Budangiris Arabica Coffee Agriculture
45. Coorg Arabica Coffee Agriculture
46. Gulbarga Tur Dal Agriculture


The Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Karnataka is looking to use technology to promote these GIs and increase their visibility. Visvesvaraya Trade Promotion Centre (VTPC), a nodal agency under the department of industries is foreseeing this activity. According to Mr. S R Satheesha, the Managing Director of VTPC, “There is a need for sensitisation of GIs among both artisans and customers. Not many have the knowledge and the importance of these products”.

VTPC is working towards engaging in various promotional programmes both within India as well as in the International Exhibitions to promote these GI products. They also provide financial assistance to the artisans by use of the Market Support Scheme to participate in various state level or central trade fairs and exhibitions. For anyone who wishes to promote in the international market i.e. attend international trade fairs, exhibitions, b2b meets, etc., a  Market Development Assistance (MDA) scheme has been rolled out. For more details one can visit www.vtpckarnataka.gov.in




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