Kejriwal waive arrears of water bills

Ahead of assembly elections, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, today, announced a waiver of all arrears of consumers towards Delhi Jal Board. A government agency, Delhi Jal Board is responsible for supply of potable water to the most of National Capital Territory. The waiver follows the announcement of state government bringing down electricity bills.

“Today we are announcing a scheme to waive arrears to clean up Delhi Jal Board’s books. Some of these arrears are due to consumers but some are also due to incorrect billing,” he said.

He urged people to join the mainstream and get water metres installed at their homes. “Only those consumers who have installed meters before November 30 will get the benefit of this scheme,” Kejriwal said.

On August 1, Kejriwal made power completely free for residents who consume up to 200 units of power every month. He had added that households consuming anything between 201 and 400 units per month will have to pay their electricity bill but approximately 50% of it will be subsidised by the government.

When asked about the timing of the announcement, he had said, “It has been a journey which has taken its own time. We have worked hard over the years to ensure bill amounts go down, power companies are in better financial condition, power infrastructure is better and residents get round the clock power supply.”

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