RSS leader says untouchability came with advent of Islam

The RSS Joint General Secretary  Krishna Gopal has claimed that the practice of untouchability started in India after the advent of Islam and the term “Dalit was not known in the country as the concept was a British conspiracy to divide and rule”. According to him, people who consumed cow meat were labelled as untouchable in ancient India and the words ‘untouchability’ and ‘Dalit’ did not exist in ancient Indian literature.

The RSS leader unveiled the books ‘Bharat Ka Rajnitik Uttararayan’ and Bharat Ka Dalit Vimarsh’ in New Delhi and he reiterated the RSS stand on having a casteless society.

“The first example of untouchability is seen after Islam came. It is seen when at Raja Dahir’s (last Hindu king of Sindh) household his queens were on the way to commit Johar (the act of self Immolation). They mentioned word ‘Malechcha’ and said they need to hurry for the Johar else these ‘Malechcha’ would touch them and they will become impure. This is the first example of untouchability in Indian text, ” said Gopal.

He noted that even the Constituent Assembly preferred using the word ‘scheduled caste’ over ‘Dalit’. “It was the conspiracy of the British that the word Dalit percolated (in society),” he said.

Citing an example of how respected caste fell into categories of backward, Gopal said, “Today Maurya caste is backward, it used to be a higher caste, Pal were kings in Bengal today they became backwards, today Shakya the caste of Buddha has become OBC. The Dalit word did not exist in our society. This was a conspiracy by the British who wanted to divide and rule the country. The usage of word Dalit was even rejected by the Constituent Assembly.”

Further, he termed that the Islamic era as “dark-age” which India survived due to its deep spiritual roots. “No country in history has been able to survive Islam, except Bharat. It was due to its spirituality and sensibility we survived this dark age,” he said.

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