Bengal BJP MP Arjun Singh’s car ransacked

Amia dispute between TMC and BJP party workers regarding party offices took violent shape in West Bengal, when the private car belonging to BJP MP from Barrackpore Arjun Singh was allegedly ransacked by TMC supporters at Feeder Road in North 24 Pargana’s Shyamnagar.

Following the incident, BJP MP Arjun Singh sustained head injuries, caused allegedly after police from the Barrackpore Police Commissionerate lathicharged at him and a few other BJP supporters.

Singh alleges that Barrackpore Police Commissioner Manoj Verma hit him on his head with a lathi while abusing him, adding that there are reports of his house being under attack. The BJP supporters were staging protests in various parts of the district following the MP’s car being ransacked earlier in the day.

Earlier during the day, Singh was on his way to a spot after he heard of clashes between the TMC and BJP centering around dispute regarding three BJP party offices in the Shyamnagar area. He said that the TMC continued with their violent ransacking act even in front of the police.

According to sources, the TMC said that the three aforementioned party offices used to belong to them before the BJP had allegedly taken these over after the 2019 Lok Sabha poll results when a number of workers and leaders had changed parties. In what is being presumed to be an act of retribution, TMC workers today attempted to take over these offices once again, where they dismantled BJP’s flags and put up TMC festoons.

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