Renowned author, playwright Kiran Nagarkar passes away

Renowned novelist and playwright Kiran Nagarkar passed away at the age of 77 after a brief illness here at a hospital, yesterday. Earlier this week, he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage.

Nagarkar, who was born in Mumbai in 1942, published his first novel, ‘Saat Sakkam Trechalis’, in Marathi in 1974 at the age of 32. He won the 2001 Sahitya Akademi Award for his epic novel ‘Cuckold’ (1997).

He worked as an academic, a journalist, a screenplay writer and in the advertisement industry, but writing remained his passion.

Nagarkar also wrote plays and screenplays. He worked as an academic, a journalist, a screenplay writer, and in the advertising industry as well.

Nagarkar was one of the many personalities who were accused of harassment, when the wave of #MeToo allegations hit the country in October last year. Three women journalists on social media had accused him of making unwelcome physical contact with them.Th

ough he gave several explanations, the accusations were never withdrawn. Publication of his latest novel ‘The Arsonist’ too suffered due to the accusations.

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