Amit Shah asserts no illegal immigrant will be allowed in Assam, or country

Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the North-East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) conclave today in Guwahati and said, “Every state is an integral part of India, to spread this feeling at grass-root level it was important to make Northeast ‘Congress mukt’. Today, I’m delighted that all 8 states of Northeast are with NEDA.”

Shah said that the Congress followed policy of divide and rule in the northeast. “Congress alienated Northeast from the rest of the country.”

Amit Shah also assured BJP’s Northeastern allies that no infiltrator will be allowed to stay in Assam. Amid a huge discontent in Assam over the citizens’ registry, in which 19 lakh people have been left out, the minister said yesterday that the centre will throw “every single illegal immigrant” out of the country.

“All states are worried about the NRC the national register of citizens),” Shah said today during his two-day visit to the northeast. “Assam thinks NRC was wrong, smaller states felt there would be a spill over. Let me assure, not only Assam, we want the entire country to be cleansed of illegal migrants. We already have a plan ready. We will bring all states into confidence,” he said today.

The minister also assured that the centre had “no plan to abrogate the Article 371” of the constitution, which gives north-east its special status.

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