President leaves for three-nation tour

President Ram Nath Kovind last night left for a visit to Iceland, Switzerland and Slovenia during which he will hold talks with the top leadership of those countries to strengthen bilateral ties.

“To continue India’s engagement and boost the bilateral relations with Iceland, Switzerland and Slovenia, PresidentKovind emplanes for State visits with a high-level delegation,” Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar tweeted.

President Kovind will visit Iceland from September 9-11. He will then head to Switzerland and will finally reach Slovenia on September 15. He will head back on September 17.

Pakistan on Saturday had refused India’s request to allow President Kovind to use its airspace for his flight to Iceland. In New Delhi, MEA spokesperson Kumar said India had regretted Pakistan’s decision to not allow the president to use its airspace.

“We regret the decision of Pakistan government to deny overflight clearance for a VVIP special flight which is otherwise granted routinely by any normal country. We call on Pakistan to recognise the futility of such unilateral actions,” Kumar had said.

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