Congress MLA misbehaves with female Air India staff

Congress MLA Vinod Chandrakar from Mahasamund assembly of Chhattisgarh has been accused of humiliating a female staff of Air India at Raipur airport on August 7 after she did not allow him to board the plane as he reached airport late.

Air India’s (AI) initial report states that the boarding card of the MLA was taken out in advance at 17:36 hours. All the passengers were boarded except five passengers. Repeated announcement was made at the security hold area (SHA) and also check-in area at 18:12 hours.

The report further adds: “One passenger reported and informed that others were on way. Airport manager, Raipur, (female staff) of Air India along with Air India Air Transport Services Limited (AIATSL) in-charge, other Customer Service Agent (CSA) waited for them.”

“Passengers did not show up till 18:13 hours, and all Airport Manager (APM) and others had gone to flight; trim was taken out at 18:15 hours; flight door closed at 18:18 hours, and flight took off 18:30 hrs,” the Air India report says.

The Air India subsidiary company (Alliance Air) flight 9I-728 on August 7, from Raipur to Ranchi, was scheduled for 18:30 hrs but the MLA was denied to board the plane by Air India staff at Raipur Airport as he reported late at the airport.

The initial inquiry report further stated that “after the departure of the flight, the passenger came in the check-in area – started shouting at the top of voice in public.

According to an Air India official, “the staff acted as per the standard operating procedure (SOP) at the D-20 boarding gate and tried to avoid the delay of the flight as flight was having onward connection scheduled to Ranchi/Kolkata sector. Any delay would have consequential delay effect on further schedule.”

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