5 BJP ruled states move to cut new traffic fines

A week after Modi government prescribed steep penalties for traffic violations under an amended law, five BJP states have decided to cut them in their respective jurisdictions on humanitarian grounds. To the surprise, leading the charge are BJP-ruled states. Surprisingly, leading the charge are the BJP-ruled states.

Vijay Rupani government in Gujarat was the first state to reduce fines prescribed under the amended Motor Vehicles Act on Tuesday, taking it down to as low as 10% of the actual amount for some offences.

Similarly, other BJP-ruled states such as Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka came up with similar announcements soon afterwards, pointing that they may also consider making changes at their end if the government did not reconsider, or at least slash, the newly prescribed penalties that they say could become a burden on the people.

Maharashtra’s BJP-Shiv Sena government termed the new penalties prescribed under the amended law as “exorbitant” and stayed its implementation. State Transport Minister Diwakar Raote appealed to the centre to “reconsider and reduce” the hefty fines imposed on the people.

Apart from BJP states, opposition-ruled such as Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and Delhi also hinted taking similar steps. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has rejected any possibility to implement such “harsh” penalties.

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