Sonia Gandhi flays centre indulging in vendetta politics

Launching a scathing attack on the Centre, Congress president Sonia Gandhi today said the economic situation in the country is very grim, but the government is indulging in unprecedented ‘vendetta politics’.

In a party meeting in New Delhi, Gandhi said, “The economic situation is very grim. Losses are mounting. All that the government is doing is indulging in unprecedented vendetta politics to divert attention from mounting losses.”

“Democracy is at peril. The mandate is being misused and abused in the most dangerous fashion. Appropriation of leaders like Gandhi, Patel, Ambedkar being done with an aim of misinterpreting their true messages to further their nefarious agenda,” she added.

The meeting was attended by former prime minister Manmohan Singh, AICC general secretaries and incharges of various states, state government chiefs and Congress’ Legislative Party leaders, among others.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi was not present in the meeting. “The Congress party must have an agitational agenda. Our resolve on resilience is being tested now,” she was quoted as saying by the sources.

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