BJP govt. to construct a new Parliament

The BJP government has framed a mega plan to re-develop Rashtrapati Bhavan, construct a new Parliament and a central secretariat and upgrade central vista in New Delhi, stated a report. The deadline fixed by the government to finish all the projects is by 2024.


This revamp plan applies to buildings starting from the Rashtrapati Bhavan gate, the North and South Block to the India Gate and the surrounding ones located at an area of about four sq km.


According to the new plan, either a new Parliament building will be constructed next to the existing one or the existing parliament will be modernised to meet future requirements of the government. Besides, a common central secretariat will be constructed to accommodate the official departments and the central vista will be upgraded to a tourist spot.


Government sources revealed that in 2022 the Monsoon Session of Parliament will be held in a newly-developed Parliament building. In this regard, bids from firms and consultants have been invited by the Central Public Works Department to prepare a comprehensive plan that is representative of the values and aspirations of a New India.


According to the PWD, “Good governance, efficiency, transparency, accountability and equity” sums up the definition of New India. Besides, the country under the BJP rule will be rooted in indigenous culture and social milieu, added the Central Public Works Department.

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