Odd-even rule in Delhi from Nov 4-15: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today made the announcement of a seven-point action plan to be carried in the city to curb air pollution ahead of the season of peak pollution and crop burning in the neighbouring states. He said his government’s famous Odd-Even scheme will be rolled out on 4 November and stay till 15 November.

“In November, stubble burning from the neighbouring states make Delhi a gas chamber. Although Punjab and  Delhi governments work together to tackle the issue, we cannot sit while it still continues to happen,” Kejriwal said in a press conference today.

He, however, did not elaborate on the exemptions under the scheme which earlier became the centre of debates and criticism over its efficacy in helping to bring down the pollution levels in Delhi. He said the government will look at the roll-out of the scheme in previous time.

On the first day of the odd-even scheme, people having vehicles with odd registration numbers would be allowed to run while locals with even registration numbers would be allowed to run across the city the next day. This would be followed till the last day of the scheme in the same manner.

Kejriwal said that Delhi is one state that has been able to keep a check on air pollution. This is the third time, Delhi Government would be implementing the odd-even rule in the city. Besides, other measures including mechanised sweeping, water sprinkling, planting more trees and also making available specialised N- 95 masks.

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