Sharad Pawar slams BJP for spreading lies against Pak

After a visit to Pakistan, Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar claimed that the BJP government are spreading lies about the neighbouring country only for political gains. He also spoke about other issues such as revocation of Article 370 and mob lynching at a special event organised for minorities at NCP headquarters in Mumbai.

“I have visited Pakistan and received their hospitality…It is a misplaced fact that people in Pakistan are unhappy. However, the present government has been spreading lies about Pakistan for their own political benefits,” Pawar added.

Pawar criticised the Modi-led government for revocation of Article 370, which had given special status to the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir. A leading daily quoted Pawar: “By scrapping Article 370, the government wants to convey that they are opposing a minority state and in the process, this action of theirs will lead to more terrorism in the Valley.”

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