Shiv Sena prepares to go alone in Maha assembly poll

Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray has reportedly asked his partymen to remain prepared to contest the upcoming Assembly election without an alliance with the BJP, but he is also unwilling to go solo in Assembly poll and is hopeful that Shiv Sena and BJP would seal the seat-sharing

arrangement before the poll.


The Shiv Sena chief met senior leaders of the party at his residence Matoshri yesterday and held discussions over this matter, where he was said to be

unhappy with the BJP as the latter has offered just 106 seats to Shiv Sena in forthcoming Assembly poll.


Maharashtra has a total of 288 Assembly seats and Shiv Sena wants to contest over 120 seats. The party has asked the BJP to give it at least 120 seats in order to finalise the pre-poll alliance. It is likely that the tension between two parties over seat-sharing is set to increase in the run-up to polls because BJP is in no mood to offer more than 106 seats.


Sources said that earlier Shiv Sena was adamant on contesting 144 seats but the BJP’s reluctance to leave so many seats for Sena has forced the party to scale down its demand to 120 seats. Some reports claimed that Shiv Sena has also demanded a revolving chief ministership if the NDA wins the upcoming election.

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