Villages drown by rising water in Narmada Valley!

 The water level in the Narmada Valley is increasing every second. The water level has reached it’s full height I.e 138.68 meters. Many villages have been completely submerged, some have become islands and in some villages water has started entering.

Now that the water has started reaching the full height of the dam, the rigging done in the survey conducted by the government is becoming clear because the water is reaching even those villages which the government had declared to be out of the submergence zone.

On September 9, the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) and Madhya Pradesh government, discussed during a full day meeting many issues related to rehabilitation and all the people affected by Sardar Sarovar Dam were assured immediate rehabilitation.

Today, the condition of the surface is frightening and painful. Villages, houses, goods, crops, cattle are still drowned but the sown crops are also starting to rot due to the Narmada water entering the villages. There is no drinking water nor electricity and people are trapped in islands.

For example, the land of the people of Katnera village has become an island and all paths and roads to their fields have been drowned. There is no arrangement for fodder for 10 days for all the cattle in the village.
Rajghat village became an island when the water reached 133 meters. On September 10, the SDM along with the entire police team, the team of Patwaris and the team of NDRF reached Rajghat by boat and asked all the families to evacuate their houses and be moved to a safer location.

Amidst of such risk of houses collapsing people are struggling to get their belongings out of the water and into a safe place. NBA asked the state Government to speed up the process of surveying and deploy more boats and manpower at such submerged places so as to avoid any mishappenings.

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