Yediyurappa says never compromise Kannada’s importance

As the row over prominence to Hindi set off by Home Minister Amit Shah’s comments on Hindi Diwas show no signs of abating, BJP leader and Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa today asserted that his government would never compromise with the importance of Kannada.

Yediyurappa’s tweet came after opposition leaders kept up their attacks on the BJP-led national coalition over Amit Shah’s description of Hindi as a language that holds the potential to unify the country. Leaders from some non-Hindi speaking states had interpreted Amit Shah’s statement to be a precursor to the Centre imposing Hindi on them.

“All official languages in our country are equal…. We will never compromise its importance and are committed to promote Kannada and our state’s culture,” Yediyurappa tweeted. In Karnataka, he asserted Kannada is the principal language and will remain so.

Meanwhile, Union Minister DV Sadananda Gowda came out in support of Home Minister Amit Shah saying that Hindi is a “unifying” language but nobody is saying that it will boss over the regional languages.

“Hindi is a unifying language, it does not mean it will boss over other regional languages of the country, the three languages formula is accepted by us all. Even Prime Minister spoke on the floor of the House in the last session that all regional languages will be respected,” he said.

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