Conference on Efficient Refrigeration and Cold Storage Infrastructure in India

17 th September, 2019 Bangalore:  REFCON 2019 was organised by ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers)  today which brought together a panel of cold chain experts for an open dialogue on latest trends and values-based development in cold chain infrastructure and policies.

Mr. M.K. Sreekesh President, ISHRAE Bangalore said, “REFCON 2019 is an absolute necessity in today’s changing lifestyle where customers want to buy fresh produce from supermarkets and local retail shops. Thus, the importance of retail and transport refrigeration has become paramount for every single stakeholder in the supply chain. In spite of being the second-largest producer of horticulture products, India lacks sufficient infrastructure to store and maintain perishable items. REFCON 2019, we’re proud to say, was able to create a framework of necessary solutions that may help resolve such problems.”

Mr. C.R. Janardhana President, FKCCI and Chief Guest of REFCON 2019 said, “ISHRAE’s efforts towards building a more efficient cold chain infrastructure through REFCON is an eye-opener for all the concerned industries and stakeholders. The discussions we had today will have a significant impact on the government’s policies in the future and we hope that the issues faced in the supply chain will be rectified in order to help save food waste and other related execution inefficiencies.”

REFCON 2019 concluded with discussions on new possibilities to create a more efficient, pragmatic and sustainable solution to the dwindling condition of India’s cold chain infrastructure which will help the government and other agencies to make the necessary changes in their supply chain.


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