Talks with Pak only on PoK, but not on Kashmir

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar asserted that henceforth talks with Pakistan would be only about PoK and not on Kashmir. He said that India expects to have physical jurisdiction over Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) which is an Indian territory.

“Yes, our position on PoK is or has been and will always be very clear. PoK is part of India, and we expect one day that we will have the physical jurisdiction over it,” Dr Jaishankar told reporters at a special briefing of the achievements of the ministry of external affairs in first 100 days of the Modi Government since returning to power.

On the terrorism and Pakistan’s role, the minister said, “show me a country in the world which will expect that its neighbours will conduct terrorism. So our position is completely normal and rationale. They are the people whose behaviour is aberration, abnormality is there”.

“I think our position has not been clearer than what I have said,” said Dr Jaishankar answering a series of questions on Indo-Pak relations and the future of bilateral engagements between two Asian neighbours.

In reference to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments that there is hardly any point talking to India, the Minister said: “Part of the problem with Pakistan is they believe only on talking. They have not been doing anything to dismantle terror hubs. They think nice words are sort of answers to the real problems”.

“The real problem is the dismantlement of the industry (of terror),” the minister said.   He also said until Pakistan becomes a normal neighbour, India’s western neighbour will continue to remain a challenge.

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