Amit Shas asks to bring BJP power again in Maharasthra, Haryana

Hours after the Election Commission of India (ECI) announced dates for Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly polls, Union Home Minister and BJP chief Amit Shah took to Twitter to urge the people to bring the BJP to power to these states once again.

Saying that the BJP has taken these two states to new heights in terms of growth and development, Shah also urged his party workers to highlight the achievements of the ruling government in these states.

“I heartily welcome the announcement of Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly polls by the EC. The election is not only the biggest festival of democracy, but it is also the means to keep our country and states on the path of development,” he said in a tweet.

The Home Minister urged the voters of Maharashtra and Haryana to vote in large numbers and participate in choosing a strong government to ensure growth and development in these two states.

“In the last five years, the BJP governments of Maharashtra and Haryana have taken their states to the next level of development and wonderful governance,” he said.

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