Amit Shah blames Nehru for PoK

BJP President Amit Shaha said that, unlike other political parties, his party looks up at the Kashmir issue from the point of view of keeping India undivided and not as a means of politics.

“Three generations of Bharatiya Janata Party have given their lives for Kashmir,” Shah said while explaining the Union government’s decision behind abrogation of article 370 of the constitution at a public rally organized as part of his party’s campaign.

Shah came down heavily against former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, saying that the Opposition seeks to politicize the issue while BJP looks at it from the perspective of patriotism.

“Rahul Gandhi says Article 370 is a political issue. Rahul ‘baba’, you have come into politics now, but three generations of BJP have given their lives for Kashmir, for the abrogation of Article 370. It’s not a political matter for us, it’s part of our goal to keep Bharat Mata undivided,” Shah said while speaking at a rally in Western Mumbai Suburb Goregaon.

He also blamed first prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru for the Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK). “The PoK would not have come into existence had Nehru not declared untimely ceasefire with the neighbouring country,” Shah said and also opined that the issue of accession of Kashmir should have been handled by the then home minister Vallabhbhai Patil, instead of PM Nehru.

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