Industry 4.0 is not a White Elephant says CMTI Director

Bengaluru sep 23: Today everybody have been talking about Industry 4.0 and its implementations in the industry to revolutionize the way the manufacturing sector works. However a lot of industries have apprehensions  on implementing them due to its changing in the style of impelmentations as it is still a growing system. While speaking to a question “Is Industry 4.0 a White Elephant? Is it difficult to implement or is it costly”, Dr. Nagahanumaiah, the Director of Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) Bengaluru said “Industry 4.0 is definitely not a white elephant. Though there are lot of options available to capture, analyze and automate in the industries, one can look at what actually needs to automate based on their own goals of improvement. For some it could be just automating or documenting the current CNC machines while for others it could be setting up a Smart factory. So Industry 4.0 only advises on possibilities and not on implementation”.

The programme “Technical Talk on Industry 4.0” by Dr. Nagahanumaiah was organized by the Indian Institute of Welding Bangalore Chapter at TRINITY NDT in Peenya.

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