Two pilots killed as army’s helicopter crashes in Bhutan

In a shocking incident, two pilots were killed today after Indian Army ‘s Cheetah helicopter crashed in Bhutan, sources at the Indian Army said.

The Indian Army pilot who died in the crash was of Lt Col (Lieutenant colonel) rank while the other was a Bhutanese Army pilot training with the Indian Army.

The single-engine Cheetah helicopter, which had taken off from Khirmu in Arunachal Pradesh, crashed around 1 pm in Yonphulla in eastern Bhutan. It was headed to Yonphulla with two pilots on board.

The Army said there were no survivors in the crash. The deceased Indian Army officer has been identified as Lt Col Rajneesh Parmar of Army Aviation Corps and his co-pilot was Captain Kalzang Wangdi of the Royal Bhutan Army.

“Indian Army undertakes training of pilots also,” said the Army in a statement. “The helicopter went out of radio and visual contact soon after 1 p.m,” said an official. The wreckage was located after a ground search and rescue operation launched immediately from Yonphulla.

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