US questions Pak for staying mum over China’s treatment of Muslims

Exposing the double standards of Pakistan, the United States has asked Pakistan to express “same level” of concern about Muslims detentions in Western China as they do for Kashmir.

“I would like to see the same level of concern expressed also about Muslims who are being detained in Western China, literally in concentration-like conditions. And so being concerned about the human rights of Muslims does extend more broadly than Kashmir, and you’ve seen the administration very involved here during the UN General Assembly and trying to shine a light on the horrific conditions that continue to exist for Muslims throughout China,” said Alice Wells, US Acting Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia while replying to a question about Pakistan PM’s alleged concerns about Kashmir.

Wells reaction came as Pakistan has ramped up its rhetoric against India over the abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and expressing concern over the situation of Muslims in the region. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan even had called himself an ambassador of Kashmiri people.

However, when it comes to China’s treatment of Muslims, Pakistan has been mum and when asked to comment on it, the Pakistan PM has tried to brush it aside saying that there is a lot going on in its own country. China has been condemned internationally for cracking down on the minorities living in their countries.

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