Amit Shah flays Mamata spreading lies on NRC

Home minister Amit Shah attacked the All India Trinamool Congress government in Bengal today and claimed that the BJP will come to power with full majority after the state polls in 2021. He asserted that the BJP has crossed the mark of 300 seats for the first time in the history of LS elections. “The people of West Bengal have a major contribution in it,” he added.

Shah continued, “We had got just 2 seats in 2014, but today, we have 18 seats in West Bengal. We have received 40pc of the votes. Almost 2.5 crore Bengalis have voted for us.” Senior TMC MLA Savyasachi Datta joined BJP on this occasion at party workers meeting in Kolkatta and Amit Shah invited him into the party.

He alleged that the Mamata Banerjee-led government was trying to mislead the people on the issue of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Reassuring the people he said, “Mamata Di is saying that millions of Hindus will have to leave West Bengal. There is no bigger lie than this. I was to assure the people of Bengal from all communities that nothing of this sort is going to happen.”

He also said, “Mamata Di is saying she will not allow NRC to happen in Bengal. I’m telling you that we will not allow even a single intruder inside India. We will expel all of them. No country in the world can run smoothly with the weight of so many intruders. This series has to stop. We are working towards changing Bengal. We will have to implement NRC to ensure the country’s safety.”

“I today want to assure Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Christian refugees, you will not be forced to leave India by the Centre. Don’t believe rumours. Before NRC, we will bring Citizenship Amendment Bill, which will ensure these people get Indian citizenship,” he said. Amit Shah also pointed out that Mamata Banerjee herself had given a speech on August 4, 2005 in which she had clearly talked about the ouster of intruders. “Political ambitions should not prevail over national priorities,” he said.

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