BJP discontent over PM’s silence over Karnataka floods

Karnataka BJP leaders seems tobe discontent over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s concern over flood-ravaged Bihar, was silent on the fate of Karnataka floods. Several BJP leaders have questioned the lack of words from Centre when the catastrophe had hit the southern state.


“This above party politics. It is about people’s emotions. You should have considered that. Even after all this, Modi doesn’t tweet for us, tweets for Bihar. What answer do we give people? I will have to answer as a BJP MLA. On social media too, people are asking. Because there is no election in Karnataka, is that why no tweet is the question some are asking. If this continues, we will lose base in south India. We will only lose it,” said BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal.


On September 30, the prime minister had tweeted: “Spoke to Bihar CM @NitishKumar Ji regarding the flood situation in parts of the state. Agencies are working with local administration to assist the affected. Centre stands ready to provide all possible further assistance that may be required.” The tweet had several Kannadigas raising their concerns about “being neglected”.


“BJP has 25 MPs from Karnataka. They should speak up. It is their duty to protect people’s interests. Country is above the party, then comes our state, then our people, party comes last. We as individuals come after that. The MPs should bring it to the Prime Minister’s notice. The Prime Minister should also take it seriously. Otherwise it sends a wrong message to the people of Karnataka,” Yatnal said warning that the fate of the politicians were in the hands of the people.


“How will we face people of north Karnataka? They will beat us up when we say we are BJP MPs or MLAs. Don’t know what is happening between you (state government) and them (center). It is the people of Karnataka who are suffering,” the Vijayapura MLA added. The floods in August this year battered 103 taluks in 22 districts of Karnataka and Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has since then consistently sought donations for “rebuilding Karnataka”.


​Yatnal stated that he was miffed over how certain party leaders were responding to the developments in the state. Referring to BJP MP Tejasvi Surya’s statement less than a fortnight ago that state was completely capable of handling flood relief, which also irked Chief Minister BS Yedyurappa, Yatnal said, “that MP doesn’t know the difficulties. People like us built the party. We traveled around in those villages. Those like (late) Ananthkumar and Yediyurappa built the party. Those who come, have fun giving statements will know? They know the difficulty of villagers? Just because they know some good English and become international leaders.. we work in villages among people. We know people’s struggles”.


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