Is INDIA @ 5% GDP still good for Foreign Investors?

Last Month FM announced the merger of Indian Public Sector Bank & after one hour announced the GDP @ 5 %. For several people who are opposing started celebrating that what they have predicted is now a reality.

However looking at a different perspective to this 5% GDP against several global & Indian data points, we see that the Gross GST Collection for the period April to Aug has increased 6.35% more in 2019 vs 2018 despite fall in Auto demand, FMCG & lots of negative news. Inflation number is at extremely in a comfortable zone, Real Rate of Interest at above 3% which makes ROI most attractive, PE/VC Investment is higher by 27% in First half of 2019 vs 2018, Several Global Long Term Investors (usually 10 to 15 yrs Investment horizon) betting on India very aggressively.

Understanding why Global Investor is more bullish on India than Indian Entrepreneur

The current Government did key structural & behavioural reforms such as IBC, GST, Swatch Bharat, Solar Alliance & Climate change Protection etc.

India is emerging out to be one of the key bright spots to a variety of reason due to population, political stability, democracy, great political equation with major countries of the world, Judicial system, Protection to Intellectual Property rights, Talented manpower, Low Inflation, Positive Real Rate of Return, attractive GDP growth, aspiring & growing consumers etc.

Roadmap of MODI Govt is that he will continue to be very strict towards corruption but he will create great business opportunity for entrepreneurs who believe in paying taxes on their earning & growing. There is great business opportunity is lying with Indian Entrepreneur to become Global Giants but for that, they need to invest in changing their thought process as well as reform in Governance of the business. Hope we will see millions of Indian enterprise ruling the global market. There is a need to work together to Grow Together.

In Short let us change our mind-set from negative to Positive and Tap Great Business opportunities ahead

– Jairaj Srinivas

Jairaj Srinivas is the Head –  Bangalore Chapter of India China Economic & Cultural Council and a  Head – Southern Region of MAIT. He works with various industries and businesses helping them get international exposure and also manages delegations to and from india.

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